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Requirements: Android OS 1.6 - 2.3.7
Overview: Read exactly like you want to read with plenty of customizable settings. Experience the choice of more than 220,000 ebooks in 20 languages. Discover the new way eReading!

• Intuitive Navigation
A very intuitive visual navigation concept grants most comfort and ease of use. After choosing a title from the bookshelf, you can turn pages forth and back by sliding or tapping with your finger. All navigation and menu options are directly accessible with a single tap at any time.

• Landscape | Portrait Mode
The best view in every situation and for every format – the eReader Prestigio will follow your moves.

• Multilingual Support
The world of literature and the web have no borders – but our language has. The eReader Prestigio has been created for everyone and supports 23 languages in the menu.

• Adjustable Backgrounds
Is simple White or Grey too boring to you? Would you rather prefer something special, that suits your individual style or your present mood? The eReader Prestigio offers you different backgrounds to make the words you read even more attractive.

• Night Mode
Not only when reading fairy tales as good night story – there are moments where you want to read in dark surrounding without disturbing others with a bright light from your screen.

• Screen Dim Slider
There is day and night, and there are many different light situations in between. With a simple slide of your finger you can adjust the illumination of the screen for most reading comfort.

• Numerous Sorting Filters
The larger your library is, the harder it will be to find a certain book. The eReader Prestigio has a built-in librarian, that knows them all.

• More Than 40 Zoom Levels
Depending on the type font setting, type of book and your eyesight, you can set the size of words to your most comfort.

• Book Progress Bar
When you hold a book in your hand, you always know, how many pages of joyful entertainment or interesting learning you have to go. The progress bar simulates this information.

• Add A Book to Favorites
All of us have read plenty of books over the years, and some we have enjoyed more, others less. To keep track and to memorize them best, just add them all to your favorites.

• Adjusting Text
Are you the classical type or more modern? Serif or Sans Serif? You may not be able the change the ending of a novel, but definitely its look while reading.

• Online Bookstore
You know all your books, and what's next? Everybody knows this feeling of emptiness once the last word is read. With the eReader Prestigio you have direct access to 220,000 eBooks in 20 languages in the eBook store. More books than you can read in a lifetime.

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