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Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Get organized like never before. Capture your tasks and projects wherever you go
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 Due Today is designed to help you get organized. Create tasks and assign them to projects and contexts. You can

 also set reminders to help you remember those important things. You can even be reminded daily about things you

 didn't do yesterday.

 Includes ToodleDo syncing.

 Provides full support for Android 2.2 tables (i.e. Galaxy Tab) and Honeycomb tablets (i.e. Xoom).

 * Uses the Getting Things Done (GTD) method
 * Set start dates so you won't be bothered by your tasks until the appropriate date
 * Set a task as "floating" so that it will remain in your "Today" box until you complete the task
 * Create subtasks
 * Daily overdue reminder so you won't forget todos not finished on the previous day
 * Create projects and subprojects
 * A powerful and customizable widget (in various sizes) so you can see what you need to do without opening the app
 * Full support for all tablet form factors, including the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
 * Superior filtering function (and the filtering can be applied to the widget as well)
 * Syncs with ToodleDo
 * Provides several different views for organizing your tasks
 * Pin projects to the main screen for quicker access to projects you work on the most
 * Long-press the search button to create a task or project without leaving your current app

 What's in this version:
 Fixed a bug where contexts and tags were showing numbers instead of their names
 Fixed a force close
 Fixed a bug where projects were not loading properly

Download Instructions:


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