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Requirements: Android v1.5+
Overview: The app can keep clipboard history and easily paste the data.

The app can keep clipboard history and easily paste the data.

Supported OS: 1.5-4.0.3

This is the paid version.
Please try the free version first.

The paid version is ad-free, contains a different icon color and other special features.

For instance, when you want to paste the data that you copied two times before, aNdClip stores the previous data without copying them again.
The app can also manage the frequently used email addresses or set phrases, and assists copying and pasting process.
The main features are notes taking to set phrases, support folder management, paste data on Contacts and Bookmarks, data encryption (AES), and more.
For further information about other functions or the paid version features, go to the link of the official website shown at the bottom of the screen.

Recent changes:
*** Please read me!!! ***
Latest version for OS2.3 lower: 2.1.6
Latest version for OS3.0 upper: 3.0.0 beta4

During the update to 3.x from Version2.x is
please export set phrase and first uninstall the app.

@Version 2.1.6 updates
Support for Fahrenheit display.
Added functionality for bulk copy in a folder reserved.
(Long press "../" in set-phrase tab.)
minor bug fix.

@Version 3.0.0 beta4 updates
Bug fix: Search feature
Bug fix: copies in a chrome
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Latest version: 2.1.6 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

Download Instructions:


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